I'd love to connect with you when I'm in your town!

July 2024: We'll be in Appalachia, Cleveland, OH, & Detroit, MI!


Msg me to be my guest on March 7th in Baltimore!

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I'm available at 3:00pm. Are you?

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When I am on the road, I interview podcast guests and provide in-person training and workshops.

Just returned from The Mississippi Delta • Natchez, MS • NOLA • Biloxi, MS • Valdosta and Atlanta, GA • Portland, ME

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All leadership is personal.

We just happen to use it in professional settings sometimes.

Mylena hits the road to talk with leaders from all walks of life and industries. 

The Leadership Drives (TLD) podcast hits the road to meet leaders from all walks of life and industry to hear the story of their leadership journey. Yes, we drive to meet our podcast guests in person to hear their story on their turf!

Whether their triumphs come from their personal or professional challenges, our guests share the complexities of their leadership journey. They know their why, have figured out what they need to be effective, and have found ways to align everything they do with their goals. They’ve also figured out how to build great teams and deal with challenges and conflict.

We want to know how leaders develop the confidence and work/life alignment that makes them great.

Meet Mylena — Leadership Fanatic!


I am a seasoned woman and want to focus more on the things aligned with my personal goals.


I am an executive and want to get my team aligned allowing for more time to plan for the future.

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A no-nonsense approach with a sense of humor. Mylena has a reputation for excellence and results.