Meet Mylena — Leadership Fanatic!

All leadership is personal leadership. We just happen to use it in professional settings sometimes.

I'm Mylena, and I believe the work I do with leaders is a calling. People who aren’t happy at work aren’t happy at life. We spend so much time at work, thinking about work, commuting to and from work, and even defining ourselves by our work that work isn’t some small thing. Every part of it spills over our work/life boundaries because we carry it in our minds. Thus, I believe leaders have a duty to create cultures where teams can thrive.

I started The Leadership Drives Podcast because I wanted to build relationships with other leaders and hear their stories. My goal is to talk to leaders to hear the stories of what drives them to lead and the lessons that they've learned along the way! I love the collision, if you will, of leadership theory, what an individual leader brings to a team, an organization's overall culture and mission, and the environment/context in which it operates. When you consider all of these factors, it is mind-blowing when a leader and team actually hit their mark.

I benefit from these stories, too. Often, I share these stories with my clients to inspire them to make tough decisions, especially when there seems is no 100% right or wrong answer to their problems.

Most of all, I believe the leader who shares their story benefits. When you give your time, energy, and life to something, it impacts and changes you, just as you change and impact it. When leaders share their journey, they have the opportunity to reflect and glean nuggets that they may have been too busy to notice. Sometimes, we have what we need, and we just don't see it. I get to help them see what they have and truly embrace the one thing that I know for sure, #AllLeadershipIsPersonal.

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Pink Boxes Club (PBC) is my baby — and it is three things. First, PBC is my coaching practice where I work with women 1:1 to help them own their goals and go after them without guilt no matter how many demands and responsibilities they manage. Second, it is an online community for women who are committed to designing and living the lives that they want to live. Yes, we know that life gets busy, but if you're tired of putting yourself at the bottom of the list and feeling cheated and resentful, this community is for you! Third, PinkBoxesClub is an in-real-life community that meets for reflect-to-refocus weekends and semi-annual retreats.


Voltage Vista is a leadership development and human resources consulting company and was founded in 2007. We fix people problems by partnering with organizations to create custom solutions to their leadership development problems, coaching (for leaders who are responsible for HR, but HR is NOT their only focus), providing employee training (specializing in harassment prevention, conflict and communication), and human resources consulting. We are not like other consultants who come in, present a boring seminar, and then leaves you to deal with the problems on your own. Voltage Vista is different.