Our December 2023 Leadership Drive and a MAJOR Change in Plans

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When I set out on the Winter/December leadership drive, I had a plan! I was supposed to leave New Jersey heading toward California. Specifically, I was heading south to avoid snow, which meant going to Dallas to hit I-30W. I’d planned to take I-30 as far west as possible before  going north to Utah to visit several national parks before ultimately winding up on Los Angeles. However, something happened that changed everything: the Walton Family Foundation helped me secure several interviews in the Mississippi Delta. What was supposed to be a two-day stop turned into seven! At once, I felt at home while experiencing something wholly new in the Delta. I was humbled and mesmerized by the people I met and their love for the Delta. As they shared with me what the Delta meant to them, it became clear that their work was about improving the economic conditions of the Delta  In particular, the people I met were committed to improving life in the Delta. Specifically, they were committed to improving the aspects of life impacted by the limited financial opportunities in the Delta. By the same token, they spoke with unquestionable conviction about the goodness of the people they served.  I am happy to share with you what was shared with me.


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