all leadership is personal

Mar 25 2024

Richard Pryor, “Pryor Convictions” – He never grew out of what he grew up in.

Some time ago, I heard a guy say (or something similar to this), "Most business problems that entrepreneurs have are really unresolved personal problems." In my own journey as an entrepreneur, I ...
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Mar 20 2024

When Leadership is Emotionally Demanding

As I reflect on two previous podcast interviews, with Dr. Pam Chatman and Keith "The Prince of the Delta Blues" Johnson, I saw a connection. On one hand, Pam’s work focuses on ...
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Woman wearing a dress and walking

Jan 1 2024

Happy New Year!!!

This is probably the best NY's Eve and Day that I've had in a very long time. I love having no agenda other than to enjoy where I am and the people ...
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